Let cousin “Uncle Bubba Jr. III” help (?) you celebrate your special occasion (birthday, anniversary, marble tournament, meat market opening, getting out of prison party, etc.)


Here’s What Cousin Uncle Bubba’s Kin Folk Have to Say…

“Thank God, I don’t look anything like him-he ‘s too white! ” – Leroy- Tickle Switch, Tex.

“He must have come from the other side of the family” – Pearl Hatfleld-Bucksnort, Tenn.

“You call that singing” – Jeannette Bennett-Hallsburg, Tex.

“I wish the parole board had taken our family’s pleading more seriously !” – Billy Joe Twyman-Canute, Okla.

“Can you still get the big dot guitar song book? I’d like to get one for cousin Uncle Bubba Jr.” – Concerned musician in audience.

“Our cousin? Prove it! – The Honeys & Smiths of south Waco.

“He needs help (expletive!)” – Paul Bradshaw-Reno, NV.

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